Dear Youth:
You may encounter teachers and school administrators who fear student unrest if you become more aware of your rights. Assure them that they have nothing to fear from youth who feel respected and that their voices matter. Have them visit the Voices of Youth page so that they can visualize youth activists who are model democratic citizens with much to offer. Encourage them to watch Derry Hannam’s short video titled Responsible Subversives. Let them know that you want to work with them to transform schools to better serve students’ needs and to help create a more promising future for all. Remind them that:

Mental Health = Social Justice + Self-Determination + more

It’s time to answer the call to unite. There is serious work to do.
Watch with friends the documentary film School Circles and pay close attention to the sense of wellbeing projected by the youth in the film . Meet with friends afterwards to consider what you might do to improve the lives of the youth you know.

Mental health = Social justice + Self-determination

Imagine if we all encourage others to recognize Youth Rights Day.

What an impact we could have! 

Grassroots actions create change. Join this call to unite. Encourage neighbours and friends and all you know to pursue a full understanding of the benefits to respecting youth rights and the work being done by thousands to move us in that direction.

Imagine this question reverberating through communities around the world.

“Have you heard of the Youth Rights Day?”

It is a simple conversation starter with the potential to be a game changer. It is an invitation for people to help with the task of collectively adopting a mindset suitable for the challenges we face.

Youth are saying, “We are the generation we have been waiting for.” Community by community, with enough small actions, we can all, young and old, become the generation we have been waiting for.

Join the Youth Rights Day social media and encourage others to do the same.