One of Many Websites

This website is being provided by Uniting for Children and Youth to support the youth working to make the Youth Rights Day a unifier of young and old in the effort to address pressing world problems. It will hopefully be only one such website with others being created for people speaking different languages and living in different cultures. Advocates of youth rights everywhere are encouraged to be their own champions and to create the internet presence that will give their people the information they need to live the lives they want to live. Rather than create a separate website, other organizations may choose to incorporate Youth Rights Day webpages into their existing websites.

Schooling the World conveys the message that to change our culture we need to change how our children get an education. Robust, worldwide conversations in all languages are required to achieve the critical mass of people who stand-up for social justice and self-determination in the quest for a sustainable global society where everyone has a sense of belonging and feels respected.


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