The 2021 – 30 Day Countdown

See the list below.

Each day between now and Youth Rights Day on November 20th an idea of what we can do to make the movement we want will be posted in the Youth Rights Day Facebook group for easy sharing. Creating a movement does not just happen. It takes lots of people deciding enough is enough and becoming agents of change. “Becoming agents of change,” – that is the task at hand, and that is not easy. Changing something about ourselves is a difficult thing to do. For those who want change and who are determined to act on it, it means getting comfortable living outside one’s comfort zone. Not quite on point here, but related is what Todd Rose and Ogi Ogas say in their book Dark Horse, which is about becoming our best versions of ourselves.

“The hardest part of the journey to personalized success isn’t adopting the new mindset . . .
. . . it’s letting go of the old one.”

Letting go of old habits, getting over complacency, being prepare to have people look at you a little differently, that is what is involved in becoming an agent of change. For most people, acting on the ideas below requires them to do things they don’t normally do. It offers a great growing experience that helps one understand a big part of what learning is all about, a big part of the kinds of challenges young people need to experience to have rewarding lives. It is about becoming our own champions of change.

An Idea a Day for the Next 30 Days

Day 30 – Idea #1 Level: Easy — Register for the November 6-7th youth organized AEROx.
Day 29 – Idea #2 Level: Difficult — Become your best version of yourself.
Day 28 – Idea #3 Level: Moderate — Communities of Learners.
Day 27 – Idea #4 Level: Easy to Difficult — Search for Responsible Subversives
Day 26 – Idea #5 Level: Easy to Moderate — The Voices of Youth are Nothing to Fear
Day 25 – Idea #6 Level: Easy — The Youth Appeal – Let Us Not Let Them Down
Day 24 – Idea #7 Level: Moderate — Amplifying the Voices of Youth
Day 23 – Idea #8 Level: Understanding Healthy Youth-Adult Relationships
Day 22 – Idea #9 Level: Math Class Is Not What It Needs to Be: How to make it democratic and more relevant
Day 21 – Idea #10 Level: Easy — The Impossible Train Story
Day 20 – Idea #11 Level: Easy — Self-Directed Education: The Wave of the Future and Helsinki Education Week November 1-5
Day 19 – Idea #12 Level: Easy to Difficult — Youth voices Are Nothing to Fear: They are our conscience.
Day 18 – Idea #13 Level: Moderate — The Social Media Myth
Day 17 – Idea #14 Level: Easy — If I Could I Would . . .
Day 16 – Idea #15 Level: Moderate to Difficult — The Right to Education
Day 15 – Idea #16 Level: Moderate to Difficult — The 6Cs
Day 14 – Idea #17 Level: Easy to Moderate — The Youth AEROx Has Arrived
Day 13 – Idea #18 Level: Easy — Make it a Family Affair
Day 12 – Idea #19 Level: Easy to Moderate — What to Know About Activists
Day 11 – Idea #20 Level: Easy — Show Up For Youth
Day 10 – Idea #21 Level: Difficult — Where Things Stand
Day 9 – Idea #22 Level: Easy — A Youth Rights Day Activity For All
Day 8 – Idea #23 Level: Difficult — The Power of Story
Day 7 – Idea #24 Level: Difficult — A Tribute to Connect
Day 6 – Idea #25 Level: As hard as you can make it — Let’s Get On It Folks!
Day 5 – Idea #26 Level: Moderate — The Education Continuum
Day 4 – Idea #27 Level: Easy — Children and Students’ Voice 2021 Symposium
Day 3 – Idea #28 Level: Easy — Becoming More Informed – Riverstone Village
Day 2 – Idea #29 Level: Difficult — A Scary Thought to Consider
Day 1 – Idea #30 Level: Easy — From the Grassroots
Day 0 – Youth Rights Day — Join with us and Wondering School or conduct your own activity.

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