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Changing public opinion about the place of youth in our society is a community by community undertaking involving grassroots actions. Following are two examples of actions taking place in Ottawa, Canada.

Calling All Youth” business card

Front of card
Back of card

This business card is being distributed at Ottawa high schools and other places where youth gather. One thought is to give them to students about to climb on a school bus. They will be sitting there with their phones for sometimes up to an hour and seated close to them will be other students who they can talk to about Youth Rights Day. No permission is needed if people wish to print the card to circulate in their neighbourhoods. The card can also be shared electronically.

The Neighbours Invitation
One Ottawa resident will be hand delivering the following printed invitation to about 100 households immediately neighbouring where he lives. The specifics have been left blank for people to fill in according to their situations.

Dear Neighbour,

I live on your street or around the corner and wish to invite you to participate in an online gathering of our neighbours for an hour from 4 to 5 pm on Saturday, November 20th. I hope you will put this date on your calendar and join me using this Zoom link: (zoom URL).

November 20th is the first annual Youth Rights Day created by youth and their adult supporters working to address world problems. The plan for the meeting is for us to share ideas about the role of youth in society and how we can help to bring about the changes they see as needed. For more information about the Youth Rights Day, visit this website created by Uniting for Children and Youth:

No one attending the meeting will be expected to speak. It will be perfectly OK if you just wish to observe. Please let me know by email (email address) or a note in my street mailbox, if you would like to attend, but can’t for some reason. I’ll provide you with a recap of the meeting.

I hope to see you on November 20th, which is also the day the United Nations has established as World Children’s Day. Our discussion can include children and youth as well as adults. Grandparents, we need you too.

(name of person extending the invitation)

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